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'Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire' Haunted House is coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33 at Universal Studios Florida

Updated: Jun 28

We have another Haunted House Announcement from Universal... Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire is coming to Universal Orlando Resort' HHN 33, who you gonna call?

Universal Orlando announce 'A Quiet Place' Haunted House coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33

The rumors are true! A Ghostbusters haunted house is coming to HHN 33!!

If there’s something strange. If there’s something weird… An ancient artifact unleashes an evil force that threatens to destroy the world in all-new haunted houses, inspired by Sony Pictures’ latest film, “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” debuting at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort on Friday, August 30.

The all-new “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” haunted houses at Universal Orlando Resort bring the latest installment of the global Ghostbusters franchise to life as well as iconic ghosts, creatures and characters from the beloved classic series in authentic haunted houses that capture the horror and humor for which the films are known.

“Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” will transport fans of the film franchise to New York City where the Spengler family teams up with the original Ghostbusters who are now at the helm of a top-secret research lab for their ghost-busting enterprise. With the daunting discovery of an old relic that has set free the vengeful spirit of Garraka, who threatens to freeze everyone to death, Ghostbusters new and old must join forces to protect their city and save the world from a second Ice Age.

As guests venture through the haunted houses, they will find themselves in the sinister world of the supernatural, from Ray’s Occult Books shop to the Ghostbuster’s new high-tech lab and containment facility to the dank New York City sewer system.

Fans will embark on this petrifying journey alongside the Ghostbusters, encountering iconic ghosts who slime and nefarious villains who are out for revenge – all while trying to escape an army of ghastly creatures bent on cracking bones and turning their veins into rivers of ice.

As they navigate their way through freezing and frightening conditions, the Ghostbusters will need their wit and humor to defend the city they love from a terror too chilling to believe.

Select tickets and special vacation packages for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are on-sale now, including single-night tickets, Express Passes, the R.I.P Tour, which provides Priority V.I.P. entry to the haunted houses, and the Behind the Screams: Unmasking the Horror Tour that offers a glimpse into how the scares are brought to life via a daytime, lights-on journey through select haunted house.

Tickets for Universal Orlando’s first-ever Premium Scream Night on Thursday, August 29 – an unprecedented, limited-capacity event that gives fans access to everything they love about Halloween Horror Nights before the event officially opens – are also now available.

More information about all Universal Orlando’s current Halloween Horror Nights offers and entitlements can be found at

Fans can get their Halloween Horror Nights gear now with an all-new merchandise collection available for purchase at Universal Orlando Resort, as well as online at New items include a t-shirt and hat for the “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire” haunted house.

Additional details, including new haunted houses coming to Universal Orlando Resort, will be revealed soon.

For more information and to purchase tickets for Universal Orlando’s event, visit

Check out the Haunted Houses already announced:

Universal Orlando announce 'A Quiet Place' Haunted House coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33

A Quiet Place

Guests will need to silence their screams when they enter the post-apocalyptic world of Paramount Pictures’ blockbuster movies, A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II, in an all-new chilling haunted house at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

Universal Orlando reveals fourth Haunted House coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33 - The Museum: Deadly Exhibits

The Museum: Deadly Exhibits

An original house, The Museum: Deadly Exhibits is described as a visit to a new folklore museum exhibit, The Rotting Stone, where an evil escapes from within, destroying everything in its path...

Universal Orlando reveal 3rd Haunted House coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33 - Major Sweets Candy Factory

Major Sweets Candy Factory

Universal say that in Major Sweets Candy Factory, you’ve been invited to chaperone a field trip to a candy factory, with the deadly delicious treats turning the kids into sugar-fueled fiends.

This new original house is based on Major Sweets, a character that HHN featured during Halloween Horror Nights 31’s scarezone, Sweet Revenge.

Universal Orlando announces second Haunted House coming to Halloween Horror Nights 33 - Goblin’s Feast

Goblin’s Feast Tavern

Goblin's Feast is an original house set within Goblin’s Feast Tavern.

Universal say that when you enter the haunter house you will visit the goblin village where a lavish feast is being prepared for goblins, orcs, hobgoblins and witches. And you’re the main course.

Halloween Horror Nights 33 set to kick off in AUGUST at Universal Studios Florida!

Slaughter Sinema 2

Slaughter Sinema 2 is an original house, and a squel house to Slaughter Sinema, and if you’re dying for a b-movie horror marathon, head to the Carey Drive-in...

You will scream through eight scares, featuring scenes from creature features, grindhouse gore, spaghetti westerns and more.

The original Slaughter Sinema was an original house back in 2018 at HHN Orlando, and like the original, Slaughter Sinema 2 will be set in Carey, Ohio, a fictional setting that HHN has used for several original houses over the years, and has featurd many fan-favorite characters including The Director, The Usher, Legendary Truth, Cindy Caine, and H.R. Bloodengutz.

A new heavy metal skeleton character will feature in one of the b-movies in the haunted house called Heavy Metal Hell 3-D.

Halloween Horror Nights Panel at Spooky Empire Orlando

The news of the first haunted house at HHN 33 was revealed at a Halloween Horror Nights Panel at Spooky Empire, on Friday, May 17.

At the panel, the new character Heavy Metal Hell 3-D was revealed to the audience.

Halloween Horror Nights

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