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B Resort & Spa Celebrates It's 50th Anniversary At Walt Disney World

B Resort & Spa within the Disney Springs Resort Area is celebrating its 50th anniversary right alongside The World’s Most Magical Celebration at Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971, closely followed in 1972 by this iconic hotel, probably best known for it's elevator on the outside of the building!

Plus did you know that Michael Jackson stayed here so often that he had his own suite in the hotel, and it's still there!

B Resort & Spa Celebrates It's 50th Anniversary At Walt Disney World

B Resort & Spa, is a boutique hotel experience that offers a mix of modern sophistication and playful, family-friendly fun.

Located in the Disney Springs Area, this luxurious resort boasts 394 stylishly appointed guestrooms and suites featuring floor-to-ceiling windows offering stunning views of the area’s lakes, theme parks and evening fireworks celebrations.

B Resort & Spa Celebrates It's 50th Anniversary At Walt Disney World

B Resort & Spa is located in the Disney Springs Resort Area, and to many of us by it's previous name, Downtown Disney Resort Area.

Back in the early days when Walt Disney was planning the Walt Disney World Resort he created this area and called it Walt Disney World Village.

The Walt Disney World Village was to be home to the Preview Center for the soon to open Walt Disney World, and would also be home to the partner hotels of Walt Disney World, which are all still open today including B Resort & Spa.

The Preview Center was open from January 10, 1970 until September 30, 1971.

The Walt Disney World Village Preview Center

Guests could get a sneak peek at Walt Disney World at this building located on Preview Blvd, now known to all of us as Hotel Plaza Blvd.

Walt Disney World Preview Center

Models were on display and a film was shown, there was also a shop and snack bar. The building was later used as offices for the Buena Vista Land company and after that was known as the Reception Center and was where guests of Walt Disney World Village hotels would check in.

The building was also a post office at one time, and now the former Preview Center is still standing and is home to the Amateur Athletic Union.

In 1972, just a year after the Magic Kingdom welcomed its first visitors, the original resort, which was known as The Royal Inn, opened its doors to the public and has since served as a welcoming destination in the heart of Orlando’s tourist district.

The Royal Inn had its grand opening in October 1972, then in the late 1970's the hotel's name was changed to The Hotel Royal Plaza, soon after it was simple known as the Royal Plaza.

Sadly the Royal Plaza was forced to close in August 2004 after sustaining major damage from Hurricane Charley.

It would then reopen in 2006 after receiving a major multi-million-dollar renovation.

Following it's renovation, the 17-story resort was more upscale and has a more contemporary feel.

Moving up to date, in 2014 following another extensive renovation, the property made its official debut as B Resort & Spa as part of the B Hotels & Resorts lifestyle hotel brand.

With an extensive history of its own, the resort has spent the last 50 years growing alongside Orlando’s famous theme parks and booming tourism scene.

Today, the resort features a unique blend of modern amenities and chic sophistication catering to discerning travelers looking for a refreshing escape and convenient access to Walt Disney World with complimentary shuttle transportation.

So, earlier we mentioned the Michael Jackson had his own suite here, and its true!

Back in the 1980s', Michael Jackson used to visit Walt Disney World on a regular basis, but few fans knew that he did not stay in a Walt Disney World Hotel, it was in fact here at the B Resort & Spa, back then it was the Hotel Royal Plaza.

It is said that Michael Jackson loved the hotel and it's staff so much that he stayed again, and again, and again! So much so that the hotel decided to have a suite named in Jackson’s honor.

The Michael Jackson Suite on the 16th floor of the Royal Plaza was officially opened in December 1983, and Michael actually helped design the the four-bedroom suite, which featured his favorite colors, black, white, and red.

The suite even had a display of personal items that Jackson donated to the hotel including his Presidential award from Ronald Reagan and several of his Grammy's.

Michael Jacksons Suite At Walt Disney World

At the time Jackson commented “What better place to display my personal memorabilia, than Disney World?”

When Michael wasn’t there, fans could actually rent the suite for upwards of $750 a night.

The suite is actually still there, and guests can still stay in it, but sadly it no longer contains any Michael Jackson’s memorabilia.

Shown in the picture below is the resorts then manager Phil Wright with Michael Jackson in the Michael Jackson Suite with a replica plaque of Jackson’s 37 gold and platinum records.

Michael Jackson suite at B Resort & Spa Walt Disney World

Michael Jackson wasn’t the only celebrity to have a private suite at the Hotel Royal Plaza either! Bob Hope had one there too.

Hope’s suite, was located on the top floor of the hotel, with Jackson's located the 16th floor, one level below.

Hope's suite has a sparkling chandelier, and five balconies overlooking the I-4.

In this picture Bob Hope is pictures with Jackson in the Hotel Royal Plaza.

To celebrate the resorts 50th anniversary, now available for booking through December 15, 2022, the resort’s new 50th Anniversary Celebration Package allows guests to save up to 20% off stays of three or more nights from November 1, 2022, through March 31, 2023.

In addition, guests who book the package will enjoy a 50th-anniversary chocolate cake for two delivered to their room from the resort’s signature restaurant, American Kitchen Bar & Grill, and receive the resort’s B Humane stuffed plush animal, Benson B Frog.

For more information check out the B Resort & Spa's website.


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