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Gotta Go Orlando takes the privacy of our Web site visitors and customers very seriously.

On this page, we address what information we collect from you and how we use that information.

This Privacy Policy applies to the Company and for purposes of this Agreement,

Company shall mean Gotta Go Orlando, Inc. and applicable Business Units.

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

Information We Collect


How we collect and store information depends on the page you are visiting, 

the activities in which you elect to participate and the services provided.

You can visit many pages on our Website without providing any information.

Other pages may prompt you to provide information, such as when you sign up for membership, request certain features

(e.g., newsletters, news updates and other products), or make a purchase.

You may also provide information when you participate in sweepstakes and contests, voting and polling activities,

message boards and chat rooms, and other interactive areas of our Website.


To better serve Website visitors and customers, the Company collects two basic types of information from our customers:


Personally identifiable information: 

This is information that personally identifies one individual from another.

This information is voluntarily provided to us by our customers

and is used by us for purposes such as registering for certain features on our Website or buying products or services.

The Company does not rent or sell any of this information to anyone.

Supplying such information is entirely voluntary. But if you do not supply the information we need,

we may be unable to provide you with services we make available to other visitors to our Website,

such as sending you an e-mail alerting you to a new service we are offering or breaking news that may interest you.


Aggregate user and tracking information: 

This information gives us insight on how our customers and Website visitors use our Website and our other products.

This data is anonymous in nature and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

We use this information to ensure that our Website, e-mails and marketing efforts continue to appeal to our customers.

Information We Collect About You


The Company only collects personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide to us.


Examples of such personally identifiable information that you provide to us includes your:

First and last name

Physical address or postal address

Phone number

Credit card number

Credit card expiration date

Credit card security ID number

E-mail address

Answer to your company sign-in question

Personally identifiable information will only be collected to the extent that the Company deems reasonably necessary

to serve a legitimate business purpose.

Please be aware that if you disclose personally identifiable information on Website message boards or chat areas,

that information may be collected and used by third parties without our knowledge

and may result in unsolicited communications  from third parties.

Such activities are beyond the control of the Company and this policy. 

Other Information We Collect

When you visit the Company Website, we automatically collect some information about your visit

using cookies, web beacons, log analysis software and other aggregate tracking technologies.

Cookies are files that contain small amounts of data.

If your browser is configured to accept these files, they are stored on your computer’s hard drive.

The Company uses these data files when you visit our Web site to anonymously identify you.

By using cookies, the Company is able to:

Completely support and enhance your visit to our site.

Allow you to access your account information

without requiring you to answer your sign-in question multiple times during the same visit to our site.

Ensure that you won’t see the same advertisements too often.

Better measure how many users view and navigate our site.

Better measure how effective our online marketing campaigns are performing.

If you wish, you may set your browser to refuse cookies.

However, by refusing to accept a cookie,

you will not be able to access some pages or purchase certain travel services on the Company.

Since many websites use some form of cookie technology,

setting your browser to refuse cookies may restrict your access to certain information or product offerings on those websites.

Some the Company cookie files remain on your computer’s hard drive unless and until you manually delete the file.

the Company cookie files do not contain personally identifiable information or track an individual users’ movement through our site.

A third-party advertiser cookie file may also be placed on your hard drive during your visit to our website.

The purpose of these types of cookies is to collect aggregate statistics about your visit to our website.

These cookies do not contain personally identifiable information or track an individual user’s movement through our site.

Tracking Pixels 
As a means of measuring the efficiency of the online advertising and marketing campaigns that the Company employs,

we may also allow third-party advertising companies to use a single-pixel image file on our website to collect information about your visit.

This information is anonymous in nature. It only identifies actions being performed on our Website.

It does not tie actions back to any individual user of our Website. No personally identifiable information is collected during this process.

Certain marketing and confirmation e-mails from the Company

may also contain a single-pixel image file to detect when and whether you have opened the e-mail.

The Company may also track clicks from e-mail communications using an internal or third-party tracking system.

The Company uses this personal information to continually assess and improve the products and services we offer.

The Company also uses this information to provide you with e-mail news alerts or inform you of products and services that might benefit you.

These tracking mechanisms are used to ensure that the the Company website and e-mails

continue to provide relevant content that is interesting and useful to our customers.

Log File Aanalysis 
The Company also collects information from your computer each time you visit our Web site using javascript and log file analysis software.

Information we measure, analyze and collect in this manner may include: your IP address, screen resolution, operating system, platform information, your URL clickstream behavior (from referring URL Web site, through our Web site, to and including URL of exiting Website),

date and time of your clickstream behavior, purchase behavior, clickstream patterns, e-mail address,

your company user answer, cookie information, session information (includes: page interaction information, browser interaction information,

page response times, length of visits to individual pages, download errors) and web browser software.

Though some personally identifiable information may be collected in this process,

the information collected is not used to track an individual’s use through our Web site.

Information From Third-Party Sources


The Company may periodically add or update information about you obtained from third-party sources.

Examples include updated address, travel itinerary or e-mail address information from such sources as travel service providers,

co-branded businesses, business partners or other third parties; or credit history information from credit bureaus.

This information can help us accurately fulfill orders or deliver purchase confirmation messages.

Credit history information can also help us detect and work to prevent fraudulent activity on our website or through our call center.

We also receive aggregate information such as page views, search terms and click-through information from sources,

such as companies we advertise with.


How The Company Uses The Information We Collect


The Company may use your information, including personally identifiable information,

for business purposes including, without limitation, for the following business purposes:

Answer to your the Company sign-in question.

To improve the quality of your the Company visit.

To complete your purchase.

To bill your credit card when you make a purchase.

To credit your credit card in the event that we issue you a refund.

To fulfill your travel- or entertainment-related purchase.

To notify you of any changes to the travel or entertainment product that you have purchased.

To create your the Company membership account.

To send marketing communications and purchase confirmations that you have opted-in to or otherwise agreed to receive.

To send surveys to you.

To update your user account with any information we receive from you or from third-party sources about you.

Additionally, the Company may use your non-personally identifiable information

it collects during your site visit, during your interaction with our e-mails or during your interaction

with our third-party marketing efforts for other purposes including without limitation, the following:

To better monitor in aggregate the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing campaigns.

To better monitor in aggregate how visitors and customers are using our site.

To ensure that our website and e-mails continue to provide relevant content that is interesting and useful to our customers.

To uncover and diagnose problems with our servers.

For day-to-day system administration needs.

Special note: Information we collect on how you use our site does not include personally identifiable information

unless you choose to specifically provide us with such information.

This information can be used to display targeted advertising.

For example, if you complete a hotel purchase on our site,

we may display an advertisement on your confirmation page for a different product such as a show or tour.

We do not use personally identifiable information to deliver such targeted advertising.

Additionally, the Company may use your information, including personally identifiable information, for special purposes.

Below are a few examples of special purposes:

In disclosures to law-enforcement agencies when required by law.

In disclosures to law-enforcement agencies and/or credit card companies in cases of customer fraud

or in other cases where an individual poses a threat to the interests of the Company or its customers.

To resolve customer or credit card company disputes.

In some cases, we may choose to buy or sell assets.

In these business transfers, customer information,

including personally identifiable information, is typically one of the business assets that is transferred.

Moreover, if the Company, or substantially all of its assets were acquired,

or in the unlikely event that the Company goes out of business or enters bankruptcy, customer information,

including personally identifiable information,

would be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by a third party.

You acknowledge that such transfers may occur, and that any acquirer of the Company

may continue to use your personally identifiable information as set forth in this policy.

From time to time, the Company may enter into agreements with third party providers for web analytic and other similar services.

If the Company enters into such an agreement, the Company may share your information, including personally identifiable information,

with the provider or such provider may have access to and collect your information on behalf of the Company.

Your information, including personally identifiable information, may be stored with the provider.

Before sharing or storing any customer information with a third party provider,

the Company shall ensure that any provider agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

Additionally, the Company generally requires any third party provider of web analytic or other similar services

to maintain industry security standards to protect your information.

What You’ll Receive From The Company


The Company believes that honest and clear communications with our customers is a key part of a great customer experience.

We only want to send you e-mail that you expect to receive or that you have requested.

All of our e-mail contains clear information on how to unsubscribe, and we honor all requests as quickly as possible.

Below are examples of types of communications you may receive from us.

Membership registration confirmation e-mail messages 
When you register for a the Company account or make a purchase on the Company,

you’ll receive an e-mail confirming you have become a the Company member.

The e-mail will contain your name, the e-mail address you provided and your the Company sign-in answer.

Purchase confirmation messages 
When you make a purchase on the Company, we e-mail or send via postal mail your confirmation.

The confirmation will include your name, information on the product or products you’ve purchased, your confirmation number(s),

your e-mail address, your billing address, the last four digits of your credit card,

the terms of your purchase or a link to the terms of your purchase, fulfillment instructions and details, and your billing total.

Marketing or promotional e-mails 
If you sign up for one of our marketing e-mails either directly, through the membership area, during a purchase,

during a contest sign-up, or by any other means, we will send you the marketing e-mail that you have requested.

We only send these e-mails to site visitors and customers who sign up for one of our mailing lists

or who agree to future contact regarding special promotions and offers from the Company.

These mailings contain clear information on how to unsubscribe, and we honor all requests as quickly as possible.

If you are receiving e-mail from us and wish to unsubscribe,

either follow the unsubscribe instructions in the e-mail, e-mail us, call us or send us a note via postal mail

to inform us that you do not want to receive e-mail from our company.

Postal mail 
The Company may also send you postal mail notifications containing surveys, promoting special deals,

informing you of special sweepstakes on our site or on behalf of one of our business partners.

Answering your inquiries 
If you send us or phone in a question or offer a suggestion,

we will use your e-mail address, telephone number or postal address to respond to you.


What Information The Company Shares


The Company does not rent or sell any of your personally identifiable information to anyone.

Travel services sold on the Company are provided by parties other than the Company.

The Company will provide only the personally identifiable information to these parties

that is necessary to complete or fulfill your travel services transaction.

Special note: The practices and privacy policies of these other parties may differ from the Company policies.

The Company suggests and encourages you to review their privacy policies to gain further understanding of their procedures

for collecting, using, and disclosing your information.

The Company may also share personally identifiable information to third parties who provide or offer other services on our behalf.

In some cases, a the Company travel service provider may contact you directly if additional information is necessary to fulfill your request.

The Company may also share aggregate information to service providers, business partners and advertisers.

In these cases, the Company does not provide personally identifiable information

. In addition, the Company may contract with third-party vendors for survey distribution, promotions or to facilitate sweepstakes or contests.


How The Company Protects Your Information


The Company understands that the safety of your personal information is extremely important to you.

That’s why the Company uses both electronic and other measures to keep your information protected from unauthorized access.

Personal data that you send or submit to us over the Internet is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

We also use industry-standard firewalls to protect any personal data that we store.

The Company is also digitally certified by VeriSign, the leader in digital trust services.

You can find verification of this certification on one of our secure pages, like our billing pages.

Simply click on the key or lock image in the bottom bar of your browser window while on one of our secure pages.

A window will appear with our site security information.



The Company does not knowingly collect or solicit personally identifiable information from or about children under 13 except as permitted by law. If we discover we have received any information from a child under 13 in violation of this policy, we will delete that information immediately.

If you believe the Company has any information from or about anyone under 13, please contact us.




When you are ready to make a purchase on our Website, we will ask you to provide us with certain information,

including your contact details (such as your name, address, telephone and e-mail),

and your billing information (such as your credit card number and the date that your card expires).

We may also ask you to provide additional information such as unique identifiers (such as your date of birth),

and registration information (login name and password).

You will be able to review, update, or delete the information

you have provided us (except, of course any information that we do not store) at any time by accessing your account on our Website.

We will use the information you provide us to process your transaction and to contact you regarding your purchase if necessary.

We will share this information with third parties to the extent necessary to facilitate your purchase

(for purposes such as customer service, verification, fulfillment and billing purposes).

We will not sell or rent your personal billing information to any third party.

We may share non-financial information with third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If you consent (for example, by checking a box or by some other means),

we will make your information available to third parties

so that they, we, or both may contact you directly regarding special offers, promotions, products or services that may be of interest to you.


About This Policy


The Company’s privacy policy was posted April 18th 2019.

The Company reserve the right to change, alter or modify this policy for any reason at any time.

In cases where there are substantial material changes to our policy with regard to the manner in which the Company

handles personally identifiable information, the Company will provide prominent notice of the changes on our Web site.

Special note: Other Websites that the Company links to may collect your personally identifiable information.

The privacy policies and information sharing practices of these Web sites is not covered within the Company’s privacy policy.


Unsubscribing Procedure


The Company’s Web site users or members who wish to subscribe or unsubscribe

to our marketing and promotional e-mail products can do so by using the subscribe/unsubscribe options.

If you have subscribed to one of our e-mail newsletters,

you will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe from future mailings

(for example, by clicking on an unsubscribe link in an e-mail newsletter or by going back to our site).


Governing Law


This policy and the use of this Website are governed by Florida law.

Any claim related to the Website or this policy shall be brought in a federal or state court in Orange County, Florida,

within one year after the claim arises

. You agree no such claim may be brought as a class action.

Users of this Website consent to the jurisdiction and venue of such court as the most convenient

and appropriate for the resolution of disputes concerning this policy.

The Company is controlled, operated and administered entirely within the United States.

If you are located outside the United States, please note the information you provide to us will be transferred to the United States.

You hereby consent to this transfer.

If You Have Questions


If you ever have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.

We respect your rights and privacy, and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

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