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You Gotta Check Out Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Bak in mid-December, Universal Orlando Resort opened a brand new, retro-cool ice cream shop, at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, serving s delicious mix of milkshakes, smoothies, sundaes, baked goods, and more.

Now thanks to Universal Orlando we can check out the goodies you can enjoy at the Shakes Malt Shoppe which is located right next to the Bayliner Diner within Cabana Bay’s main building.

Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

When your first set eyes on Shakes Malt Shoppe you will be blown away with just how retro-chic the new location looks, it's full of details that make it a truly authentic experience.

Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Charles Zeller, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage for Cabana Bay Beach Resort, says that they knew they wanted something special to add to the resort and were inspired by the nostalgia of an era when families spent time together at soda counters and malt shops.

Everything from the pastel color palette to the roller skate artwork and counter seating, even the team member uniforms harkens back to the 1950s soda counter and fits perfectly with the theming of the resort.

Honestly it feels as if you have went back to the future, and ar staining in a 50's malt shop!

Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

The great thing about the new location is that it's not just ice-cream that's available, you can stop by for a quick breakfast before heading out to the theme parks for the day!

Zeller says they knew from the start that they wanted this to be more than just a place to get ice cream: “We wanted those families looking for something to eat before heading out to the theme parks to be able to grab a smoothie or a breakfast sandwich or pastry.”

Breakfast items that will file you up for a day of fun at the resort include the Açaí Bowl, a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Croissant, and more, including delicious Smoothies that are made-to-order by the Shakes staff.

Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Ok, now obviously you would expect a place called Shakes Malt Shoppe to offer milkshakes, and oh my, they certainly do have AMAZING milkshakes!

The menu offers three options: Classic, PB&J and Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana, but you can make a shake from any ice cream flavor and toppings you want, and any shake can be made into a malt, by blending in malted milk powder for a truly old school malt shop experience.

Oh and topping will rotate, depending on seasonal offerings, but include things like different candies and candy bars, cookies, and sprinkles.

Shakes Manager Chris Rentas said that it is important to have a varied menu for guests and that a balance between classics and unique flavors is something they put a lot of thought into during the planning process. “We try to give something the guests are going to like, to see something they’ll remember or even something a little newer, like the Oatmazing,” he says. (More on that flavor later!)

Plus, Shakes Malt Shoppe offers alcoholic milkshakes, for those of you who like a little extra zip in your dessert.

Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Another retro item on the menu at Shakes Malt Shoppe is a Banana Split Sundae, which Shakes has given it its own twist, including banana pudding ice cream where the vanilla would ordinarily be.

Zeller said this sundae is the first menu item they came up with and they knew they wanted to include the banana pudding ice cream to make it unique.

Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

For those of you with dietary restrictions, Shakes Malt Shoppe has a few options.

For those who need gluten free choices, the scoops can be served in a cup. There is also an excellent vegan ice cream option in the Chocolate Chip Oatmazing. This is made with oat milk, and has delicious vegan chocolate pieces that add a little crunch.

In addition to the current offerings, Rentas said that he hopes to bring in a variety of seasonal flavors on a limited basis, especially around different holidays, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and taste buds ready for even more choices in the future.

Shakes Malt Shoppe at Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Thank you to Universal Orlando Resort and specifically Ashley Carnifax for the article details, make sure you check out Shakes Malt Shoppe soon, it's yummy!

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