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Walt Disney World Sees Significant Increase In Reported Downtime

The Wall Street Journal are claiming that average monthly ride stoppages have increased by an astonishing 58% at Disneyland (2018-2022) and 42% at Walt Disney World (2018-2022).

The figures are revealed in an article titled Disney Parks’ Ride Stoppages and Wait Times Grow as Ticket Prices Rise which is highlighting the increased cost of visiting the parks at the same time ride maintenance is decreasing.

The article used data from websites including and, which collect posted wait times from the Walt Disney World and Disneyland mobile apps and APIs to fact check its article.

Walt Disney World Sees Significant Increase In Reported Downtime

As expected, Disney have strongly disagreed with the claims within the article.

According to the article, a Disney spokesperson challenged the statistics and said that “Our source data shows that Disney’s ride reliability remains strong and is consistent with prior years”

Disney also claims that the stoppages have been caused because of guest interactions with attractions such as dropped phones or guests who need assistance exiting a ride, plus poor weather, and general maintenance needs.

In addition to proving the poor ride reliability at the parks, the article highlights the increasing wait times at the theme parks.

Data sourced from, shows the average wait time so far in 2022 across all attractions in Walt Disney World is 40 minutes, a figure is on average 1 minute more than in 2019.

It is clear from this article that Disney continues to look for ways for guests to spend more money, and not just with increased ticket sales, guests also have increasing costs due to Individual Lightning Lane, Disney Genie+, food & beverage price increases, etc...

And in return,Disney continue to report record revenue and profits, while the guest experience is lower than when guests were spending less.

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