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Walt Disney World resume sales of all Annual Passes after overnight pause

Yesterday was a day to remember for Walt Disney World fans, as many finally managed to get there hands on coveted annual passes that have not been available to many for so long!

While the day was not without issue, including a brief time in the morning when sales were paused, and there were reports of guests waiting in an online queue for several hours or more, but overall things went well, as the Walt Disney World website did not crash as many had predicted, plus so far all passes are still available.

Overnight sales were paused, with Disney announcing at 11 pm last night that passes were unavailable until at least 7:15 am this morning.

Passes are now available again, with the Disney Incredi-Pass, Disney Pixie Pass, Disney Pirate Pass, and Disney Sorcerer Pass all available, although Disney are continuing to warn guests that availability on a pass or select passes may become unavailable for purchase at any time now that sales have resumed.

The current notice on the Annual Pass virtual queue waiting room says:

We thank you and all our fans for the incredible enthusiasm for the Passholder program. Due to the high popularity of our Annual Passes, please know wait times may exceed several hours. We anticipate a pass or select passes may become unavailable for purchase later today.

Walt Disney World Annual Pass

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