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Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku to star in live concert at Orlando's Dr Phillips Center

The future is Hatsune Miku! The Hatsune Miku Expo world concert tour series is coming to North America!

Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku to star in concert at Orlando's Dr Phillips Center

Crunchyroll is teaming up with Crypton Future Media for Hatsune Miku Expo 2024 North America Tour. This 10th anniversary of the Hatsune Miku Tour will come to 16 cities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including Orlando with a stop at Dr Phillips Center on Friday, May 3.

MIKU EXPO is a world concert tour series with sub-events that allows fans of all backgrounds to celebrate the creative culture surrounding Hatsune Miku.

The first Miku Expo was held in 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia and the United States. It has since been hosted in many cities such as London, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Paris, Cologne, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku to star in concert at Orlando's Dr Phillips Center

Hatsune Miku doesn’t drink in the roar of her audience, which she commands in the thousands. Miku can’t see the memorabilia, officially licensed or homemade, her devotees wear when they make the pilgrimage to their closest stadium. She will never be able to drive but she has a dedicated race car team.

Though she’s been performing for over a decade, she never worries about her evolution in the public eye. Sixteen-year-old Miku isn’t your typical teen music prodigy. The teal-pigtailed wunderkind, whose name literally means “the first sound of the future,” is a virtual pop star created by Japanese music software company Crypton Future Media.

At her crowd-sourced heart, Miku is a voicebank officially “fluent” in Japanese, English, and Mandarin Chinese. Creators of all skill levels can use her voice technology as an instrument by inputting their own lyrics and melody, which Miku then “sings.” Over the past decade, fans have turned Miku into a bona fide digital pop star: she has almost a million YouTube subscribers and, by one count, she’s the vocalist on at least 100,000 fan-created songs. The next logical step: stepping into the real world to grace her fans in the “flesh.”

Virtual pop star Hatsune Miku to star in concert at Orlando's Dr Phillips Center

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