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TONIGHT: Oviedo Mall's Deck The Mall Naughty Vs Nice, Which Side Will You Choose?

Good versus evil, naughty or nice, which side are you on?

Tonight, December 2nd, between 7 pm and 7 pm, you can be on either side and still enjoy holiday fun at the Oviedo Mall's Deck The Mall: Naughty vs Nice event!

Come dressed in your holiday best and enjoy special shopping discounts, activities for the kids, food and wine for the parents and a night you're sure to remember!

Oviedo Mall's Deck The Mall: Naughty vs Nice

Ok, first up is Team Nice, Santa is the boss here...

Head to Oviedo Mall's West Wing, for traditional Christmas merriment with kid-friendly holiday activities and pictures with Santa Claus in his newly renovated Christmas Tree Farm.

You can pre-book your family’s photo on Oviedo Mall’s website.

Oviedo Mall's Deck The Mall: Naughty vs Nice

But is naughty is your thing, you'll head east to the malls East Wing, where you'll encounter Krampus and his crew!

Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic figure in Central and Eastern Alpine folklore who, during the Christmas season, scares children who have misbehaved.

Assisting Santa Claus, the pair visit children together, with Saint Nicholas rewarding the well-behaved children with modest gifts such as oranges, dried fruit, walnuts and chocolate, while the badly behaved ones only receive punishment from Krampus.

Snap a photo with the spooky Krampus and enjoy holiday activities at Oviedo Mall’s Deck the Mall: Naughty vs Nice.

Oviedo Mall's Deck The Mall: Naughty vs Nice


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