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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, yes Orlando is the Geekiest City!

Orlando has been named the best city for geek culture enthusiasts, due to a combination of like-minded people, geek-friendly options, lots of comic cons, and more!

Yes, of course we all know that Orlando is the geekiest of them all, but a brilliant new survey from RentCafe has confirmed it, Orlando is the geekiest city in the country.

Here. in Orlando we have so much to geek out at, including The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando where wearing a robe and thick rimmed glasses in boiling hot temperatures is an everyday occurrence, and then of course we have Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World, where owning the latest lightsaber and knowing every details of the ever growing Star Wars franchise is considered normal.

But it's not just our theme parks that make Orlando the best city for Geek Culture fans,

RentCafe analyzed over 300 cities with populations of over 100K to identify the ideal destinations for those who want to fully embrace their geekiness, with Orlando coming out on top in a variety of metrics, including interest in geek and pop culture among local residents based on online searches for specific keywords including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Stranger Things.

Other wining factors for Orlando include the amount of gaming stores, comic bookstores, comic cons, costume stores, art supply stores, music stores and movie theaters.

The job market is also friendly to techies in Orlando. Roughly 3.1% of locals work in a gaming-related position that brings them an income that’s 90% higher the average local salary. Besides gaming, finance workers make up close to 3% of the workforce here, outearning the average-salaried Orlandoans by 51%. Media employees – which make up 1.4% of the local workforce – earn about 40% more than other local professionals.

And when the workday is over, pop culture buffs can easily indulge in their passions at home as most rental communities now come with lifestyle-oriented amenities. In fact, among the 300 largest cities in the US, Orlando ranks a strong 6th for offering renters easy access to card rooms. Libraries and media rooms are also widely available across Orlando apartment buildings.

In addition, the local self storage sector is well equipped to provide extra space for storing collections, memorabilia or anything else that might clutter up a home. Renting an Orlando, FL, storage unit costs an average of $133/month for a 10’x10’ climate-controlled unit.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, yes Orlando is the Geekiest City!

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