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The Re-Opening Of Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park At Walt Disney World Delayed Yet Again

It feels like the first time in forever since Disney's Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World has been open, and it looks like we are going to have to wait a little longer.

The saga of will it, won't it open continues with Blizzard Beach, as the latest operating hours for the resort shows that Disney's Typhoon Lagoon now has scheduled opening hours until Saturday, November 12 which implies that the earliest Disney is now looking to re-open Blizzard Beach could be Sunday, November 13.

Blizzard Beach Water Park At Walt Disney World Re-Opening Delayed

Initially Blizzard Beach was not thought to open until early 2023, but it was then heavily rumouredt that Blizzard Beach. would be re-opening as early as October 30 this year due to Disney's Typhoon Lagoon not having any scheduled hours of operation past October 30, when it was expected that Typhoon Lagoon would close for its annual maintenance, which is why the rumours that Blizzard Beach would reopen on October 30 was widely reported.

However, Typhoon Lagoon was then scheduled to open until Saturday November 5, so it was thought the re-opening of Blizzard Beach had been pushed back to Sunday November 6.

Now it appears to have been pushed back even further, due to Typhoon Lagoon now opening until at least Saturday, November 12.

Although there still hasn't been anything officially announced by Disney, rumours continues to appear that this delay which could last at least another couple of weeks beyond November 13, is due to work needing to repair damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Walt Disney World

It does seem likely that Blizzard Beach will open sooner rather than later as Disney are only updating Typhoon Lagoon's opening hours by a week at a time.

This implies that Disney is ready to shut Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and reopen Blizzard Beach as soon as the repairs are completed at Blizzard Beach.

As we have previously mentioned, when Blizzard Beach does re-open, it will be interesting to see if the speculating that improvements have been made to one of the water play areas, Tike's Peak, including the addition of characters including Olaf.

Plus it's believed that the rumored plan to add a raft conveyor for the three Red Slope’s Runoff Rapids slides at the back of the park has been completed.

We can only wait and see when Blizzard Beach re-opens, and then the question will be, will we ever see guests having the choice of both Disney's Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach when visiting Walt Disney World in the future or not?

Blizzard Beach Water Park Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World's water parks have been impacted ever since the COVID closure in 2020, with only one water park operating at a time since reopening.

Disney's Blizzard Beach reopened on March 7th 2021, after a near year-long closure due to the pandemic. Blizzard Beach then closed on January 3rd 2022, with Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park reopening after a near two-year closure due to the pandemic.


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