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The Plaza Live announces removal of Historic Orlando Landmark Spire for Restoration

Updated: Jan 11

Popular music and entertainment venue The Plaza Live in the Milk District, Orlando is currently closed for major refurbishment, and now the famous Plaza Spire is coming down!

Music and Entertainment Venue, The Plaza Live

The Plaza Live, one of the leading independent entertainment venues in Orlando, is set to embark on an exciting restoration project starting Wednesday, August 9.

The renovation project, funded in part by the Orange County Tourist Development Tax, will bring significant enhancements to the venue, improving the overall experience for its patrons and performers alike.

As part of this endeavor, The Plaza Live will be temporarily removing its historic spire from the roof. This revered landmark, which has graced the Orlando skyline for decades, will undergo extensive refurbishment to restore its original beauty and preserve its historical significance.

The decision to remove the spire stems from the venue's dedication to preserving the historical essence while undergoing essential renovations. The restoration process will ensure that the spire remains a symbol of pride for the Orlando community for years to come.

The removal of the spire is a carefully planned operation that will be executed with utmost precision and care. The Plaza Live has enlisted a team of expert craftsmen, architects, and restoration specialists to oversee the process.

Every effort will be made to ensure the spire's safe removal, storage, and subsequent revamp.

Once the renovation of The Plaza Live is complete, the spire will return to its rightful place atop the venue's roof, restored to its original glory.

The refurbishment aims to revive the intricate architectural details, accentuate its historical significance, and make the spire an even more captivating feature of the Orlando skyline.

The Plaza Live invites the Orlando community and supporters of the venue to witness this momentous occasion on Wednesday, August 9 at 10 am.

The removal of the spire marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in The Plaza Live's history and reinforces its commitment to preserving Orlando's

During the renovations, The Plaza Live is remaining closed to the public, with renovations including upgrades to the venue's infrastructure, including a new sound system, lighting, and stage equipment.

The seating area will also undergo a redesign to improve sightlines and provide greater comfort for audiences.

In addition, The Plaza Live will be completely updating its lobby to provide a more welcoming and functional space for patrons.

The projected end date of the renovation project has not been determined, but updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Music and Entertainment Venue, The Plaza Live

The Plaza Live is one of Orlando's oldest theaters. It was transformed from a cinema, to a theatre space, and finally a music venue, with the venue purchased by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra in August 2013 for $3.4 million.

Music and Entertainment Venue, The Plaza Live

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