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The Best Cities & Places to Live in Florida - Where Does Orlando Rank?

Forbes has just revealed it's 2022 list of the best places to live in Florida, let's dive in!

Lake Eola overview, Downtown Orlando skyline

There are many reasons why so many of us call Florida home, and only a few days ago we reported that Florida is the fastest-growing state in the country.

So why do people decide to move to Florida, and where is the best places to live?

As for reasons, personally for our family it was to be near the theme parks and attractions, to enjoy living in year round warm weather, and to enjoy so much sunshine, not to mention being close to the beaches on the weekends, and the fact that Florida has no state income tax is a major plus too!

But where to live? Near the beach, a big city, a small town, North, South, or Central Florida?

For us, Orlando was the obvious choice, but where does think is the best places to live in Florida?

Forbes has just published its Best Places To Live in Florida in 2022, deciding on locations using data on key lifestyle factors such as the area’s median home price, personal income per capita, and the unemployment and crime rate.

So where did Orlando figure in the list? Number 5 actually - so pretty good! Three Central Florida cities made the list, Gainesville at number 3, Orlando at number 5, and Melbourne at number 7.

Tampa came out on top, with Jacksonville coming in at number 2.

In the report, Forbes highlighted that Orlando is the most prominent city in central Florida, and that it's biotech, information technology and healthcare are booming sectors which help make it one of the best places in Florida for young adults.

Forbes said that locals can enjoy the theme parks, as well as many cultural and performing arts events.

In it's report on making Tampa top of the list, it highlighted the areas many positive aspects for young adults and families, including the pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, together with major sports teams, history museums, and impressive public transportation options.

Tampa skyline

Here are the top 10 best place to live in Florida, according to Forbes:

1. Tampa

2. Jacksonville

3. Gainesville

4. Cape Coral

5. Orlando

6. Miami

7. Melbourne

8. Sarasota

9. Tallahassee

10. Pensacola

St Petes Beach Tampa Bay


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