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Struggling Orlando vegan restaurant, V's Diner asks community for support to SURVIVE

V's Diner in Casselberry is just about keeping its head above water, but is in desperate need of help or the diner will have to close.

Orlando’s latest vegan restaurant, V's Diner is opening this weekend in Casselberry

Vegetarian restaurant, V's Diner, located at 908 State Road 436 in Casselberry is asking its customers, and the local community at large to help them survive.

V's Diner which began life as a popular pop-up and food truck business. opened their bricks and mortar location last year on August 19, but only after a very long delay.

The diner is100% vegan, offering scratch-made vegan diner classics including burgers, wraps, subs, sandwiches, and more.

Struggling Orlando vegan restaurant, V's Diner asks community for support to SURVIVE

V's Diner was originally set to open in the near 100 year old Fort Pitt building at 5565 Old Cheney Highway, and they did open at the location as a pop up in late 2019, but after issues with the buildings owners, they moved on, with V's Diner finally finding a home in its current Casselberry location.

Fast forward several months and the owners of the vintage1950s styled diner are admitting that the business is struggling financially, and are in need of a miracle to keep the doors open.

Taking to social media to explain the restaurants dire situation, the owners are blaming the delays in opening for their current financial situation. "When we signed our lease we had budgeted for a build out within a 4 month timeframe. Ultimately that ended up being 18 months and over five times the cost, six times after including rent."

The owners do admit to having experienced consistency issues and staffing issues, but say that these problems have been resolved, and while they do have a loyal customer base, declining sales are now the issue, and short of someone coming in to buy the entire company, the owners say that all they can do is hope for an increase in sales to see them though.

They are asking people to do what they can to support the diner, commenting, "We have decided to give this thing one more shot and do everything we can to remain in business. We ask you to please do what you can to support us any way you can. If you can’t eat here please share our information on social media and let your friends know we’re here. If you can eat here please stop by, say hello and share that experience with your friends on social media."

Struggling Orlando vegan restaurant, V's Diner asks community for support to SURVIVE

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