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Splash Mountain Ride Vehicles spotted backstage at Walt Disney World

Now that Br'er Rabbit and all his friends in the Br'er Patch have been evicted from Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney Imagineers are wasting no time in starting the transformation that will see Splash mountain transformed into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Splash Mountain closed for its re-theme on January 23, 2023, and with a targeted re-opening date of next year, Imagineers are on a race against time to re-theme the attraction.

When the ride closed on January 23, construction walls were up within hours, immediate changes included the rides water being drained from the ride, some signage removed, and props spotted being catalogued ready for removal.

Splash Mountain ride vehicle backstage

The latest on the transformation comes from Twitter user, SplashMtn1989 who has posted a photo of the Splash Mountain Ride Vehicles, commenting that the ride vehicles are will be refurbished.

"The Logs are being removed from Splash Mountain and are being prepped for refurbs at Walt Disney World."

Officially Walt Disney World have not said if the ride vehicles are being refurbished or replaced, although the artists impression of the new attraction does appear to show the same boats as Splash Mountain.


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