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Spirit Halloween reveals the most popular costumes for Spooky Season 2023

Spirit Halloween, the nation's largest Halloween retailer, unveils its most-anticipated costumes and accessories for the 2023 season.

Spirit Halloween reveals the most popular costumes for Spooky Season 2023

Everyone loves Spirit Halloween and here in Orlando we have lots of pop-up Spirit stores, and the popular Halloween store has revealed this Halloween's must have halloween costumes including the Universal Monsters, Barbie, Chucky, Wednesday, and Killer Clown.

Spirit Halloween reveals the most popular costumes for Spooky Season 2023

It's Barbieween Barbie fans can bring officially licensed looks to life, including costumes straight from 2023's mega hit. The retailer's Barbie collection has high quality, wear-anywhere looks and accessories for kids and adults. From Retro Skating Barbie and Ken to Western Barbie and Ken, to the Classic Barbie Bodycon Dress and Classic Cardigan, every Barbie lover can find their Dream Closet outfit. For DIY costume fans, the iconic Barbie Box elevates any Barbie-inspired look.

Spirit Halloween reveals the most popular costumes for Spooky Season 2023

Horror's Comeback Era Classic horror never dies, especially in 2023. Chucky is coming of rage with a third season, Ghostface unretired with a sixth installment, and Michael Myers is terrorizing new generations through streaming. With items inspired by blockbuster icons like Freddy Kruger, traditional clowns, zombies, and more, Spirit Halloween has scary finds for all. For the first year ever, the retailer is also carrying exclusive Universal Monsters looks, providing first-time access to officially licensed costumes like Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, and Invisible Man.

The Klowns are Popping Hot With the cult-classic film Killer Klowns celebrating its 35th anniversary and transforming into a video game property, Spirit Halloween is helping enthusiasts create killer celebrations. From costumes like Shorty and Jumbo to frighteningly lifelike Slim and Shorty animatronics, and collectibles like the iconic Popcorn Gun, fans can find new officially licensed merchandise.

Let the Games Begin Indie smash hit Poppy Playtime is crushing the YouTube gameplay community with billions of views and counting, as the third installment is coming soon. With over 50 million players, Fall Guys has skyrocketed in popularity since its last release in May. As gaming hype continues to grow, Spirit Halloween is bringing Poppy Playtime's iconic Huggy Wuggy to life as well as an exclusive assortment of Fall Guys costumes. Kids can also get ready for the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's movie with costumes direct from the hit franchise.

Viral Magic Practicing a different type of magic, the Netflix show Wednesday has brought the Addams Family back into the spotlight with scenes that have millions of views. Wednesday has TikTok in a frenzy with her iconic dancing. The Hogwarts train is in full force with the Hogwarts Legacy video game and upcoming TV series. From Harry Potter characters to styles from the Addams Family, Spirit Halloween has magical looks for every house.

Cartoons Never Go Out of Style Thanks to easy streaming access and successful reboots, cartoons are having a modern renaissance. This year, SpongeBob was named the most in-demand children's TV show and the TMNT movie passed the $100 million mark globally. Kids and adults can check out outfits from classic animated films and TV shows including Scooby-Doo, The Flintstones, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants, and South Park.

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Spirit Halloween reveals the most popular costumes for Spooky Season 2023

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