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Showcasing Latin and Hispanic artists and talent in the Central Florida community, Ecos Fest returns

Presented by CityArts Factory at CityArts Orlando, Ecos Fest is a Latin/Latinx/Hispanic cultural initiative aiming to showcase independent artists and talent in the Central Florida community on Saturday, March 4.

The goal of Ecos Fest is to establish an artistic platform for the Latin/Latinx/Hispanic community of Central Florida, one that is open, inclusive, and that fairly compensates artists and performers for their work.

Ecos Fest Orlando

The festival will focus on four main artistic disciplines:


Musical performances are the very heart and foundation for Ecos Fest. This year the festival will include a variety of bands and acoustic acts performing in two different areas of the gallery.


Ecos wants to include all forms of artistic expression and dance is not the exception. This year the festival will partner with Huellas De Colombia Folk Dances to coordinate all of the dance performances for the event.


The theater arts will have a stage to perform bilingual plays. Descolonizarte Teatro will be a partner for the festival and will perform short plays for the community.

Visual Arts:

Visual artists will benefit greatly from Ecos Fest’s partnership with City Arts. The selected artists’ work will be displayed inside the side gallery on the 2nd floor of the buildin

Ecos Fest Orlando

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