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Roar-some news as Dinosaurs get ready to take over Orlando's Leu Gardens

Don't panic, Dinosaurs at Leu Gardens is a new event that's coming to thrill, enthral, and entertain kids of all ages at Orlando's Leu Gardens

Dinosaurs are back, this amazing outdoor exhibit of prehistoric creatures will inhabit the gardens from April 8 – July 9, 2023.

 Dinosaurs at Leu Gardens

Explore the the 50-acre gardens to discover some of the most feared creatures on the planet.

Featuring over 20 life-size dinosaurs ranging in size from 14 inches to a massive 33 ft. Daspletosaurus, cousin to the T-Rex.

is a well respected, accomplished fossil expert and collector who has worked in the paleontology field for over 45 years. He meticulously crafts each dinosaur for authenticity creating one of the most prominent dinosaur exhibits in the United States.

 Dinosaurs at Leu Gardens

Come to Leu Gardens and discover what life was like millions of years ago when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Admission to the Dinosaur Invasion exhibit is included with a daytime garden admission which can be purchased at the Welcome Center when you arrive or online.

A special dinosaur map will guide you to all the dinosaurs.

Please allow 1-2 hours to find all the dinosaurs. No entry after 4:00 p.m.

 Dinosaurs at Leu Gardens

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