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Party On - 4 Florida cities ranked amongst the best in US for Parties, check them out!

Let's get ready to party as 4 Florida cities have been ranked among the best for parties according to a new study, sadly Orlando only ranked in 24th place, yeah, seriously!

Have the folks that compiled the list ever been to Orlando to experience our nightlife??

Anyway, that our grievance out of the way, read on for the details of where in Florida ranks best in the US or a party!

4 Florida cities ranked amongst the best in US for Parties, check the out

The list compiled by Bonus Finder US, has seen them research the best party cities in the United States and compared them to the population of each destination to determine where you should head next for a night out.

They compared 101 US cities in 11 categories, ranging from the number of nightclubs and casinos to the average price for a night in a hotel, with the final Top 10 is mainly dominated by the sunny destinations of Florida (of course!) with Miami Beach coming in at number 1 party destination, with the next Florida location being Sarasota at number 4, Miami itself came in at number 5, with Key West at number 9.

Here is the full top 10:

1. Miami Beach, Florida

2. Atlantic City, New Jersey

3. Hoboken, New Jersey

4. Sarasota, Florida

5. Miami, Florida

6. Las Vega, Nevada

7. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

8. Jersey City, New Jersey

9. Key West, Florida

10. Reno, Nevada

Yes, Orlando ranked only at number 25, with Tampa also only ranking one place lower at number 26, definitely something wrong with the rankings we think!!

4 Florida cities ranked amongst the best in US for Parties, check the out

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