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New In-Park Hotel could be coming to EPCOT at Walt Disney World

Ever since Walt Disney World announced and began the current project to breath life back into a neglected EPCOT, rumours have been swirling about the companies plans to build an in park hotel at the theme park.

We have heard the project is happening, it's not happening, and low and behold, it might just actually be happening, possibly!!

New In-Park Hotel coming to EPCOT

It's widely known that Disney has wanted to build the potential hotel at or near Epcot’s entrance for some time, back in 2017 the plans first surfaced, with the hotel to be built adjacent to the monorail station or on a backstage plot between the Seas and the Land pavilions.

Then in 2018, several permits were filled for the start of what was believed to be the start of the hotels construction, on a different plot of land, sandwiched between The Land Pavilion and the Imagination! Pavilion. sadly the project never started, and just like many of the additions we thought were coming to EPCOT, was simply cancelled, put on the back burner, or forgotten about.

Then in 2021 it was believed that Disney had put out to tender the contract to actually build the hotel, but again, word on the project went stone cold.

New In-Park Hotel could be coming to EPCOT at Walt Disney World

So fast forward to now, and Ken Pozek has shared an update on the EPCOT hotel project that may actually see this hotel come to fruition!

In a TikTok video posted by Pozek, he reveals that he has seen new permits on February 22, 2023, stating that Walt Disney World had awarded Buena Vista Construction Company the rights to build the hotel inside or near EPCOT.

The permits include a swimming pool and other recreational areas.

If this new hotel is truly happening it will be huge news for Walt Disney World, and don't worry we will be keeping you up to date with all the latest news right here!

New In-Park Hotel coming to EPCOT

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