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New Bay Rocket Jet Boat Thrill Ride Blasts Into Tampa Bay!

If you feel the need... the need for speed, then you gotta hit the I-4 for Tampa Bay right now for a date with Bay Rocket!

Bay Rocket is a 2,800-horsepower, adrenaline-filled jet boat thrill ride in Tampa.

Experience the power of Bay Rocket’s 2800 horsepower with thrilling 180-degree spins, turns, and bow dips.

Feel the rush as they crank up the music for a blast off on the bay with beautiful views of the Bay and the downtown Tampa skyline as well as interactive games, narration, turns, bows, dips and 180-degree spins, and a dance party on the cruise back.

You won’t want to miss the only jet boat thrill ride in Tampa, and one of the only five jet boat thrill rides in the United States!

Bay Rocket brings the speed from 11 am through sunset every weekend, Friday to Sunday.

The ride launches near the Tampa Convention Center, at the Pirate Water Taxi's main dock, stop number seven.

Tickets start at $29.95 for children 5-12, and $34.95 for adults.


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