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Kids Can Visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex For Free Until The End Of September

Until the end of September kids can visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

A FREE, one-day admission to kids ages 3 – 11 will be offered with a new, “Future Voyagers” program. Available with the purchase of at least one adult admission, the offer is valid for up to three complimentary children’s admissions per one adult purchase. As always, children under the age of three are admitted for free.

“There’s so much to offer young explorers here at the visitor complex,” Therrin Protze, COO of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, said. “In addition to our world-class exhibits, interactive experiences, chances to meet a veteran astronaut and more, we offer even more that can’t be taught in a classroom or read in a book. A visit here piques interest, inspires thought and stokes curiosity, all things that lead to innovation and discovery.”

With the Future Voyagers offer, families can now see real flight-flown space hardware in the recently opened Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex, which features the spaceport of the future, Spaceport KSC, and an all-new restaurant, Space Bowl Bistro.

Objects like the LIFE Habitat Cut-Away, a scale model of a habitat designed for four to 12 crew members for long-duration space missions, and the Lockheed Martin Space Habitat, a full-scale mockup of what a habitat orbiting the Moon can look like can be explored.

A scale model of the NASA Space Launch System Rocket that will launch the Artemis 1 mission is also on display in Gateway, as is the flight-flown Orion EFT-1 capsule. The Orion spacecraft will play a key role in NASA’s Artemis missions.

Visitors can also learn how the James Webb Space Telescope operates by using the HoloTube presentation station to manipulate a holographic version of the telescope.

Admission is available online at, by calling Reservations at 855-433-4210, or by visiting Will Call.

Blackout dates may apply, including launch viewing and special events, and this offer cannot be combined with any other offers.


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