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Iconic Swan Boats Return To Downtown Orlando's Lake Eola

Downtown Orlando's iconic swan boats have made a triumphant return to Lake Eola.

The City of Orlando have built a new, enlarged, and much improved boat dock that can accommodate more swan boats and will provide a more enjoyable experience for boaters.

The original dock had been in use for 30 years, and had outlived its lifespan, plus the city had purchased new boats to increase the size of the rental fleet and required more space.

With the new swans, there will now be 12 rental swans in total, that should cut wait times for customers.

As well as the changes to the dock, the biggest change is to the swan boats themselves, the new swan boats have been designed to visually reflect the different swan breeds at tLake Eola.

On Friday 15 April, Mayor Buddy Dyer, alongside Commissioner Patty Sheehan unveiled the new dock and boats. Mayor Dyer commented "Upgrades to the park's dock and boats, which Commissioner Sheehan and I helped unveil today, will help make this an even more memorable experience for residents and visitors."

We can't wait to try out the new dock, and Swan boats for ourselves soon!


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