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Hurricane Ian Now A Major Cat 4 Storm With Tornado Watches In Effect For Central Florida

Early Wednesday morning, Hurricane Ian has now strengthened into a major Category 4 hurricane, producing maximum sustained winds up to 140 mph.

As the dangerous storm sets its sights on a path towards Florida, here in Central Florida we are already feeling the effects as the outer bands of Ian have reached Central Florida already,

We are seeing heavy rain and the chance for tornadoes into the next several hours.

Rain will get heavier through Wednesday and wind speeds will increase. We can also expect tropical storm-force winds and some hurricane-force gusts.

The latest forecast still has Ian on a collision course with Central Florida, with hurricane and tropical storm conditions set for our area which could cause significant damage.

Ian could still be a hurricane as it moves into Polk County, and hurricane conditions could be felt as far as Orlando.

Ian has already ripped through Cuba as it made landfall just southwest of La Coloma in the Pinar del Rio providence of Cuba at around 4:30 a.m. EDT on Tuesday.

After causing mass damage it emerged back in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, Ian fully maintained its strength before undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle on Tuesday night and as a result of this it allowed Ian to further strengthen into major Category 4 hurricane.

Ian has begun to turn north-northeast, and will continue its path towards southwest Florida where it is expected to make landfall, possibly near Fort Myers, sometime later in the day. on Wednesday.

For live updates as Hurricane Ian continues to churn towards Central Florida please check out our LIVE UPDATES news page.

We will be updating you with all the latest theme park and amusement park updates throughout the storm.


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