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Hurricane Ian Drenched Walt Disney World Resort In Over 12 Inches Of Rain

Hurricane Ian sure made his presence felt in the Central Florida area before he was downgraded to a tropical storm and he sure dumped rain throughout the area.

A report from the National Weather Service here in Florida details just how much rain Walt Disney World received from Hurricane Ian as it passed through the area late last night and today.

As we reported earlier, The National Hurricane Center said wind speeds were lower than anticipated at Walt Disney World, however the major storm dumped rain relentlessly as it passed over the resort.

The National Weather Service has multiple rainfall reporting stations at Walt Disney World, and one of the stations recorded more than 12″ of rain.

Here’s a look at the totals for the Walt Disney World stations as of 10:15am this morning, Thursday 29, September 2022.:

Magic Kingdom: 12.13″

S MGM Studios: 11.46″

WNW Magic Kingdom: 9.57″

SW MGM Studios: 8.84″

SE MGM Studios: 4.64″


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