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Hey, Folks! Hey, Disney! Amazon Echo Voice Assistant Finally Coming To Walt Disney World

Hey, Folks! It's finally happening, the much hyped Hey, Disney! Voice Assistant is finally coming to Walt Disney World!

The great news is that yes, Walt Disney World is finally installing Amazon Echo devices for the “Hey, Disney!” voice assistant at the resort, but only to one hotel.

Hey, Disney! Amazon Echo Voice Assistant

Guests currently staying at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort have been notified that cast members may enter their rooms to install the Amazon Echo's and that guests will be allowed to be the first to test the long-delayed service.

Sadly its not so much a complete roll out, but still, its a start!

Hey, Disney! Amazon Echo Voice Assistant

With ‘Hey, Disney!’, you’ll get access to interactive Disney storytelling experiences and entertainment, as well as fun and delightful content like jokes, fun facts, and special surprises featuring Disney characters. Go on interactive adventures with Mickey, Dory, and Olaf, or sit back and listen to your favorite Disney stories. Transport yourself to the worlds of your favorite characters with unique Soundscapes or test your Disney knowledge with trivia. ‘Hey, Disney!’ will even make everyday tasks more magical, such as setting timers and alarms, and checking the weather or time of day.

Hey, Disney!’ and Alexa will also be available in Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms as using Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality service.

‘Hey, Disney!’ and Alexa will work side-by-side to simplify guests stay by answering questions, fulfilling special requests, and more.

You can ask ‘Hey, Disney!’ for more blankets and towels, the fastest way to get to the park in the morning, and where to get your favorite food. With Alexa, you can hear the news, ask for sports scores, play music, and more.

‘Hey, Disney!’ is expected to be available for purchase in the U.S. in the Alexa Skills Store for use on all supported Echo devices.

“Hey, Disney!” will be available to U.S.A. customers with a Kids+ subscription or in the Alexa Skills Store soon.

Hey, Disney! Amazon Echo Voice Assistant


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