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Happy Haunts materialize at Magic Kingdom as new Haunted Mansion film performs poorly at Box Office

If any foolish mortals had been around the Magic Kingdom at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, they would have witnessed the resident ghosts of the Haunted Mansion at Walt materialize in celebration of the new Haunted Mansion film.

Happy Haunts  at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion

Happy Haunts from the Haunted Mansion attraction at Walt Disney World materialized to celebrate the release of the new Haunted Mansion movie which opened in theatres across the country over the weekend.

Happy Haunts  at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion

Cinderella's Castle even turned a little spooky to celebrate, although we're not sure if there is much to celebrate with the new film, as the opening weekend box office figures for Haunted Mansion were much lower than expected.

Happy Haunts  at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion

Barbie and Oppenheimer continued to dominate movie ttheaters over the weekend, as Haunted Mansion opened without the promotional help of its stars, who are on strike.

Whether the lack of star power during the build up to the films release has had a detrimental effect on the film, or the fact that the movie itself has had poor reviews the figures for opening weekend are far from good, in fact they are downright bad!

Happy Haunts  at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion

Disney’s Haunted Mansio” took in around $24 million at the weekend box office, which is shockingly bad for a film that cost $200 million to make and market.

Haunted Mansion has been left spooked by Barbie which has brought in a huge $93 million in its second weekend, while Oppenheime made $46.2 million in its second weekend.

Since opening Barbie has made $750 million worldwide, while Oppenheimer has racked up $400 million in global ticket sales.

Happy Haunts  at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion

It's no wonder the Happy Haunts at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion are looking less than happy, as the new movie appears to be on a doom buggy towards disaster at the box office!

Happy Haunts  at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion

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