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Great News For Travellers As Every Central Florida Airport Has Returned To Regular Operations

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Now that Tropical Storm Nicole has passed over Central Florida, and the sun has risen on a new day, our airports are returning to normal operations today, allowing those who planned on traveling to and from the sunshine state to resume their travel plans.

Here we take a look at what's happening at the airports , if they expect delays today, and if they received any damage.

Every Central Florida Airport Is Returning To Normal Operations Today

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport (MCO) began a phased reopening last night with domestic arrivals only.

Beginning today, Friday, the airport will resume normal commercial operations.

MCO revealed that over the last 36 hours, 1480 flights have been canceled due to Storm Nicole.

The airport also confirmed that the airport only received minor damage from Nicole, and that it will take time over the next couple of days to catch up on the 1400 flights that were canceled.

The airport are advising travellers that not all concessions will be open regular hours as they return to regular operationsl today.

Orlando International Airport

Melbourne Orlando International Airport

The Melbourne Orlando International Airport began returning to normal operations on Thursday at 4pm.

The airport did sustain some moderate storm damage, including failure of the seals surrounding the newly-installed glass panels in the atrium and several leaks.

In order to resume normal operations, some queuing has been rerouted.

Travellers are advised to take note of all directional signage, and to pardon the work as the airport address these issues and make necessary repairs.

Melbourne Orlando International Airport

Orlando Sanford International Airport

Orlando Sanford International Airport said it has resumed commercial operations this morning.

Passengers impacted by flight cancelations due to Hurricane Nicole should contact their airline for updates.

Orlando Sanford International Airport

Daytona Beach International Airport

The Daytona Beach International Airport did not sustain significant damage.

The terminal reopened at 4 a.m. Friday, and the airfield reopen at 6 a.m.

Travelers are advised to contact their airline for flight updates.

Daytona Beach International Airport


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