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Get An Up Close Look at SeaWorld Orlando During January Inside Look Weekends - Complete Guide

SeaWorld Orlando is bringing back its Inside Look Event, get the chance to go behind-the-scenes to see some of the incredible work SeaWorld animal-care experts are providing for its animals.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends

Inside Look Weekends at SeaWorld Orlando is a unique event that will take you behind the scenes and give you an inside look at what it takes to maintain a premier zoological institution like SeaWorld Orlando.

Taking place the next two weekend, January 7 & 8, and January 14 & 15, hear and see, first hand, what goes into providing world-class animal care from the people who do it every day.

Best of all, this event is included with park admission!

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends

Available Experiences & Tours

Inside Marine Mammal Care

Ever wonder how you prepare a feast for a pod of dolphins and care for them throughout the day? Step behind the scenes and get a glimpse of what it takes at SeaWorld, from feeding at the fish house to a poolside experience at Dolphin Cove led by our animal care specialists. Guests must reserve tickets in-person for this experience. Available on a first come, first served basis with limited quantities available.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Inside Marine Mammal Care

Inside SeaWorld Rescue Center

Visit the home base of the SeaWorld Rescue Team to meet and hear from the dedicated filtration experts, animal care personnel, lab technicians, and veterinarians who work around the clock to deliver life-saving care to animals in need.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Inside SeaWorld Rescue Center

Manta Aquarium

Get a topside view at Manta Aquarium and discover how our aquarist care for the 10 unique aquariums and more than 3,000 marine animals including corals, tropical fish, and sharks that call this aquarium home. You don’t have to be a coaster enthusiast to experience this beautiful awe-inspiring exhibit.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Manta Aquarium

Inside Pacific Point Preserve

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the home of our California sea lions and harbor seals. Hear stories and gain insights from the animal care specialists who care for them every day and learn what it takes to maintain a thriving sea lion social group.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Inside Pacific Point Preserve

Inside Shark Encounter

Get a topside view at Shark Encounter and unlock the mysteries of caring for the sharks and sawfish in SeaWorld’s 700,000-gallon shark habitat. Visit the medical pool and learn how we give annual physicals. See the moving walkway that temporarily divides the exhibit for cleaning and discover how we feed our sharks.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Inside Shark Encounter

Inside Orca Encounter

See more and learn more with exclusive backstage access at Orca Encounter. Meet and hear from the dedicated animal care specialists who safeguard the health and well-being of our killer whales. See where hundreds of pounds of fish are prepared each day, check out our larger-than-life whale toys, and visit our medical pool and system of habitat pools to better understand the dynamics of caring for SeaWorld’s largest residents.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Inside Orca Encounter

Inside Wild Arctic

Step behind the scenes into the maze of back hallways that provide service access to the beluga whales and harbor seals that call Wild Arctic home. Plus, meet the team members who spend their days caring for these incredible animals.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Inside Wild Artic

Presentations & Animal Care Specialist Talks

Baby Dolphin Care Talk

Back in July, SeaWorld Orlando took in a rescued baby dolphin Ridgway for long-term care, after he was deemed non-releasable by NOAA. We’re thrilled to finally welcome him into the Dolphin Nursery, where he will have the opportunity to learn how to be a dolphin from others in the pod. We’re excited to give guests an “inside look” into Ridgway’s everyday care, his rescue and rehabilitation journey, and a unique opportunity to watch his bottle-feeding conducted by one of our animal care specialists.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Baby Dolphin Care Talk

Meet the Rescue Team

We’re incredibly proud of the work our Rescue Team does and excited to share it with you during this special Inside Look meet-and-greet. Come to the SeaWorld Rescue Center for your chance to hear firsthand stories of how it feels to rescue and return animals in need, ask questions of the team, and get a photo with them to remember the occasion. See the park schedule for more event show times.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Meet The Rescue Team

Turtle Dive Talk

The people on SeaWorld’s team of divers have some of the park’s most challenging and interesting responsibilities. In this special presentation located at the SeaWorld Rescue Center, you’ll meet the divers, learn more about the basics of diving, and discover some of the little-known secrets of what it takes to be a part of SeaWorld’s dive team. Experience available between 11:30 a.m. 1 p.m. & 3 p.m.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Turtle Dive Talk

Inside Look Presents: Seal of Fortune

It’s time to cheer on your favorite trivia team as they compete on stage at the Nautilus Theater! This interactive, hysterical show pits our professional animal care specialists against SeaWorld’s famous Longshoremen. Whose animal instincts will win out? Get ready to participate and support your side in this unforgettable game show throwdown. See the park schedule for more event show times.

SeaWorld Orlando Inside Look Weekends Seal Of Fortune

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