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For a third straight day a Black Bear has been chilling in downtown Orlando's Lake Eola Park

The Lake Eola Park black bear is still hanging around in the trees, with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission still trying to trap him.

Black bear in tree at Lake Eola Park Orlando
Courtesy of Representative Anna V. Eskamani

The juvenile black bear that first made its way into downtown's Lake Eola Park on Sunday is still in residence within the park, appearing to be happy with his current choice of home.

For a third straight day the young bear has been spotted in the park, relaxing in a high up branch of a tree.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have confirmed that the bear is still in the area, and that FWC official are keeping a close eye on the bear that has so far managed to evaded traps left for it by the Fish and Wildlife Commission.

It is believed that on Sunday night the bear came close to being trapped, coming down from a tree to check a trap out, only for him to become spooked and wander off.

On Monday, and again today, Tuesday the bear has been in the area, climbing a different tree each day.

FWC have a perimeter set up around the area the bear is in and are asking that the public stay away from the area for their own safety and for that of the animal.

It is hoped that the bear decides that the Lake Eola area is far too busy for a bear to call home, and that he wonders off by himself, or the other option is that the bear is trapped in one of FWC's traps so that officials can truck him out of the area into a suitable location.

To learn more about Florida Black Bears you should visit

Black bear in tree at Lake Eola Park Orlando
Courtesy of Representative Anna V. Eskamani

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