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Feliz Navidad! World Food Trucks In Kissimmee Is Celebrating Navidad

Feliz Navidad everyone! World Food Trucks on Highway 192, Kissimmee is celebrating Navidad!

One of the nation’s largest permanent food truck parks, is adding sazón to this holiday season with free, weekly events throughout Christmas with highlights including live music, a variety of festive Hispanic-inspired dishes and free entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.

This year on Saturday, December 17, is one of the highlights of the festivities at World Food Trucks, its their signature holiday event One World Christmas.

On the night there will be hundreds of complimentary toys for children of all ages, a star-studded musical performance lineup, giveaways, and visits with Santa Claus.

Plis, the event will include performances by Puerto Rican salsa singer Frankie Negrón, former Grupo Niche singer César Salaz from Colombia, rock en español band Los de PR, and merengue singer Anthony La Maquina.

"Take a break from the kitchen and come celebrate Navidad with us," said Nadeem Battla, owner and CEO of World Food Trucks. "We have planned the festivities with you and your family in mind so that you may make memories of love, joy and laughter together and create a new tradition."

In addition to the One World Christmas event, guests can enjoy more live musical performances every weekend, including authentic Puerto Rican parrandas, or dance to the contagious beat of pleneros.

These serve as the perfect side dish to the delectable flavors offered by the 60 food trucks located permanently here, which in addition to their regular fare will be dishing out traditional holiday delicacies like Puerto Rican pasteles (a banana leaf-wrapped root vegetable concoction with a savory meat filling), lechón (slow roasted pork), tembleque (a coconut-based pudding), Venezuelan pan de jamón and hallacas.

Live entertainment is scheduled on December 3, 4, 18, 23, 25, 30, 2022 and January 1, 2023.

World Food Trucks spans over seven acres in Kissimmee’s US Hwy. 192 and its food trucks offer a diversity of Latin-inspired dishes including Peruvian, Colombian, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Venezuelan, Mexican and Salvadorian cuisine; along with other international offerings, like sushi, Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean fare, plus a variety of sweet treats, wine and beer.

Each truck is individually owned and supported by the park’s unique business and operations platform, which offers prep and storage areas, marketing support and access to a variety of resources that encourage entrepreneurship and foster growth.

Visit discover more about this unique eating location, and to see the full calendar of events and live music schedule.


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