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Experience Tales of Terror: Leprechauns Curse Haunted Experience this St. Patrick's Weekend Only!

If you thought St Patrick's Day was all green beer and kiss me I'm Irish hats then think again...

You better watch out for Leprechauns!!

Join Tales of Terror Haunted Attraction and Fae Faire THIS St Patricks weekend on Saturday March 18 for an evening of scary Irish folklore fun at Warrior Sports Park on Colonial Drive.

This Saint Patrick's weekend event is FREE to attend, expect lots of vendors, roaming fairies, fairy hair installations, build your own cupcakes, costume contest, and for $10, the scarily fun Irish themed haunted experience! "Leprechaun's Curse."

Tales of Terror: Leprechauns Curse Haunted Experience Orlando

Here is more details on the haunted trail: (Haunted experience is PG-13)

Will You Survive The Leipreachán’s Curse?

Experience the dark side of the emerald isle as you enter the ancient village of Kerry Glenn: A small Irish hamlet where the veil has always been thin between the real world and the spirit realm.

In times of famine, desperate townspeople upset the tender balance by hunting the Fae for food. They ransacked their fairy dwellings for treasures, looking for that elusive pot of gold. The Fae, in turn, schemed to find an innocent girl to deliver them from their plight. So they gifted their pot of gold to an innocent girl named Rose, in hopes of summoning their dark lord: the Leith Broghan, or Leipreachán.

Rose could not believe her good fortune! So she wished, as instructed, to possess the pot of gold. But her elation soon turned to horror as she gazed into the pot’s gaping maw. Her newfound golden treasure morphed into putrid, rotting flesh; her wish chaining her soul to the ancient pot.

Evil incarnate filled her empty vessel, bringing with it the most evil and malicious Fae to hunt for treasure to fill the voracious pot. And the most prized possession of all? The golden human soul.

Tales of Terror: Leprechauns Curse Haunted Experience Orlando

Irish themed haunted experience! "Leprechaun's Curse" Cost:



The event is taking place at Warrior Sports Park, 4603 W Colonial Drive. Use the Barnett Park entrance ( BMX Lane). The Park will be on your left.

Tales of Terror: Leprechauns Curse Haunted Experience Orlando

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