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Drawn to Life By Cirque du Soleil & Disney gets a makeover, Florida Residents get a new ticket deal

We reported yesterday that Drawn to Life By Cirque du Soleil & Disney has added exciting new performers, a breathtaking new musical score, and a spectacular new act to the show at Disney Springs, and now Florida Residents can see the new enhancements for a special price!

To celebrate the show updates, Florida residents can now enjoy an exclusive ticket offer for Drawn to Life By Cirque du Soleil & Disney.

So whether you've seen the show already, or you've just never had the chance, then this is the perfect opportunity for both returning and new guests to experience the show.

Florida residents can purchase tickets up to 15% off select seating categories.

The limited-time offer runs through March 12 and is valid for performances through May 7.

To book tickets, purchase tickets online from Cirque du Soleil or call Cirque du Soleil at (877) 924-7783.

Drawn to Life By Cirque du Soleil

So what are the show enhancements?

The new additions to the show include an all-new acrobatic act, aerial artists and a “flying” guitarist.

"Icarian Games" is a brand new act in the show that will take place in Disney’s animated forests – and the mysterious creatures that inhabit them – featuring two Ethiopian artists performing acrobatic skills in which one lies on their back and uses their legs and feet to toss the other performer in the air.

The "Dream of Colours" act has been re-imagined to include Aerial Hoop artists taking to the air, performing breathtaking movements, a tribute to the ink and paint animation artists, featuring dramatic colors “painted” by human trapeze artists on a suspended wheel.

Another change to the show is a “flying” guitarist who is joining the Rhythmic Gymnastics act, soaring above the acrobats as they flip through the air.

In addition to introducing new performers, and an entirely new act, new musical compositions have been added to the show that will set a magnificent tone for the acts.

Drawn to Life By Cirque du Soleil & Disney Celebrate The Shows First Year!

Drawn to Life invites you into an astounding world where the art of Walt Disney Animation is experienced like never before - a live acrobatic journey where the stage is transformed into a giant animation table.

This love letter to the art of Disney Animation celebrates life in all of its motions and emotions. during the Cradle Wheel act, which pays tribute to artist, animator, and designer Mary Blair, the art of classic Disney animation is reinterpreted through Cirque du Soleil’s innovative design, acrobatic performances, dazzling choreography, and eclectic costuming alongside all-new Disney animation and an original score inspired by timeless Disney music.

Drawn to Life by Cirque du Soleil & Disney at Disney Springs

The show is absolutely alive with all the high-flying, mind-blowing exuberance that Cirque du Soleil is famous for.

Drawn To Life is a must see show in Orlando with tickets available from $80.

To book tickets, purchase tickets online from Cirque du Soleil or call Cirque du Soleil at (877) 924-7783.

Drawn to Life by Cirque du Soleil & Disney at Disney Springs

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