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Downtown Orlando launches enhanced Downtown Ambassador Program trained to help the Homeless

The City of Orlando’s Downtown Development Board/Community Redevelopment Agency has just announced a new and improved Downtown Ambassador Program.

Downtown Orlando has changed providers for the Downtown Ambassador program to a new provider, Allied Universal, with the new program promising the same services, and more.

The Ambassadors will still be out and about the downtown area seeking ways to create a memorable and welcoming experience for everyone visiting our vibrant city center.

Plus, in addition to assisting guests and businesses, all Ambassadors are now trained to accommodate the homeless.

Downtown Orlando Downtown Ambassador Program

Ambassadors will be working closely with the Orlando Police and Fire Departments as well as the Health Care Center for the Homeless HOPE Team to help provide enhanced public safety assistance..

And that’s not all, Ambassadors will also be working with the Clean Team to support a cleaner environment through communication efforts and trash pick-up.

So, the next time you’re making your way downtown, wave “hello” to the Ambassadors in their new blue shirts.

 Call or text 407.225.4632 for assistance.

Downtown Orlando Downtown Ambassador Program

The Downtown Ambassador Program was launched in 2018 to provide on-the-street service for visitors and residents between the hours of 7 an and 11 pm, in part to help visitors navigate the downtown core during larger events but also to help connect the most vulnerable individuals to critical social services and curbing aggressive panhandling.

The new blue-clad squad of 22 Downtown Ambassadors will now provide additional services outside of their original scope, specifically for homeless individuals, including:

Resource Connection – Downtown Ambassadors partner with local service providers who can assist those experiencing homelessness with immediate critical social services, such as shelter, identification, and counseling services, as well as handing out information and needed supplies.

Reunification – Downtown Ambassadors are able to assist those experiencing homelessness and reconnect them with friends and family by means of providing transportation, whether that is through a bus ticket, train ticket, or other immediate modes of transportation to help them get housed.

Recording through Data Collection – Downtown Ambassadors will be utilizing the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) integrated with the Homeless Services Network of Central Florida to help record each encounter and match the individuals’ needs with resources to provide a continuum of care.

Downtown Orlando Downtown Ambassador Program

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