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Do you have the Will To Escape? New immersive escape rooms now open at The Pointe Orlando on I-Drive

Today, Monday, February 13, a brand new attraction officially opened at The Pointe entertainment complex on International Drive, Orlando.

Located on the ground floor at The Pointe, across from Main Event, Will To Escape is a brand new escape room experience.

Will To Escape The Pointe Orlando on I-Drive

Will To Escape already have a successful location in Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and are hoping for similar success with the new location here in Orlando

The new Orlando location has five separate escape rooms, with another two coming soon.

Each experience costs $39.95 per person, the rooms are designed for a maximum of 8 people and a minimum of 2, with the exception of "The Gate" which is a minimum of 3 players due to the structure of the game.

In each room, guests has 60 minutes to escape before the time is up.

The six themed escape rooms are:

The Gate Escape

The hidden door to an Egyptian tomb was unearthed during a top secret excavation project. We’ve learned the tomb is a gateway to a ancient curse that will unleash darkness upon the world if released. To protect humanity, a clandestine military organization built a device that deploys a barrier around the gate The device is the only thing that protects the world from the powers that lie beyond this realm. But, the device can’t hold.

With every passing minute, the device grows weaker as the curse becomes stronger. You must crack the code, enter the tomb, and finally put an end to the curse.

Will To Escape The Pointe Orlando on I-Drive

The Stolen Relic

Legend has it…..A temple located deep in the jungles of Malaysia housed a legendary relic with special powers. This relic has been worshiped by its people for thousands of years.

Recently, the relic went missing and chaos ensued amongst the people. Information about the accused thief led to the home of a crazed anthropologist.

You and your team of detectives were called in to investigate the theft and search for the stolen relic. BE CAREFUL…the manic thief left traps inside the home and you only have one hour to complete your mission and save the day. When the hour is up the relic is lost forever!

Will To Escape The Pointe Orlando on I-Drive

Sector X

A secret mission was created to study new life across the universe. You were chosen as the science officer. Pick your crew and do your best!

You are assigned to the research lab aboard the Orion Space Station and have been collection specimens from across the universe in hopes of understanding extraterrestrial life. In a turn of events, a malfunction occurred in the containment chamber and a new species of alien life has escaped!! You must locate the escaped specimen before it reproduces and takes over the ship!!

You and your team have one hour to restore the containment chamber, capture the alien and save the entire crew! Good luck space traveler…Godspeed!

Will To Escape The Pointe Orlando on I-Drive

The Terminal

You are the foreman of a New York City maintenance crew working during a busy tourist weekend. The subway system is running at maximum capacity and you’re working hard to keep things working smoothly. BUT, a blackout in the city has ensued chaos on the lines all over Manhattan and a runaway train is careening at full speed towards the Brooklyn terminal.

You and your team must restore power to the terminal and stop the train from derailing. Failure will be a disaster! You have one hour before the train reaches a curve sure to derail the train. Only the remote shut off can stop it.

​Can you pull it together and save everyone on the train? Good luck!…Welcome to The Terminal!!

Will To Escape The Pointe Orlando on I-Drive

The Christmas Story

Do you remember the first time you watched the movie ‘A Christmas Story?’ Is it a holiday classic in your family?

Well, now you can add one more event to your holiday traditions!… The Christmas Story Escape Room at ​Will to Escape.


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