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Disney Genie+ reaches it's highest price point for Presidents’ Day Weekend

Disney Genie+ is the cash cow that keeps on giving for Walt Disney World as big crowds at the resort for President's Day Weekend is resulting in long lines for rides and attractions, forcing many guests to pay for the skip the line Genie+ to ensure that they can get on as many rides and attractions as possible.

Disney Genie+ Walt Disney World

Disney introduced variable pricing for Genie+ towards the end of 2022, allowing the company to raise or lower the price depending on demand, so obviously with the parks being so busy this weekend, Disney have rammed the price up of the variable priced Genie+ to an all time high!

The price of the service this weekend is currently set at $29, reaching the all-time high set during the peak 2022 holiday season.

Since being introduced, the lowest price has been $15, with the peak being $29.

Will we see the price go higher, possibly, and it would not be a surprise!

Disney Genie+ Walt Disney World


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