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DATE REVEALED? Walt Disney World tease TRON Lightcycle Run Opening Date Again!

For the second day n a row, Walt Disney World have again taken to social media to tease everyone with the opening date for Tron is opening at Magic Kingdom.


Last night, Monday, January 9, Walt Disney World revealed a social media teaser for the upcoming TRON Lightcycle Run attraction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom which gave us a clue to the attractions opening date.

The graphics showed the top rankings for a video game which Disney have captioned with "Need a Clu?"

The high scores included several dates, including the year Disneyland opened in 1955, plus the year that Magic Kingdom opened in 1971.

Another date is when TRON Legacy was released in 2010.

On row 2 was a 2023 date which reads US 13,212,023. Could this be a soft opening date of 3/21/2023, or an official opening on 4/21/2023, or both!

The score on row 10 showed CM 04,482,023... could this be for cast member previews, April 4 through April 8, 2023.

Anyway Walt Disney World have teased us again....

This morning, Tuesday, January 10, Walt DISNEY world posted another teaser for the opening date of Tron, again us if we want to play again??

Have a look at the graphics for yourself....

Is April 4, going to be the opening date of Tron at Magic Kingdom?

April 4 could very well be the opening date, especially as also today, Walt Disney World announced that Happily Ever After nighttime show is coming back on April 3, this would be perfect, with the world media shining a spotlight on the park with two major attractions opening at the same time.



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