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Could Mona Ride Actually Be Coming To Disney's Animal Kingdom?

Disney have filled a patent that could actually point to a future attraction possibly coming to Walt Disney World.

Earlier this year, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro announced that Disney is in the early stages of working on bringing Zootopia and Moana to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Exact details were not given but Disney shared a piece of concept art that showed a Moana Land that included a boat ride with Moana’s boat on a lake.

In the concept art, it was assumed that the Moana ride would be a log flume type ride, in the concept art you can see boats going down a drop into the water before heading under waterfalls and into a show building.

Now a patent filled by Disney shows what could be the actual ride and where the boat in the concert art is heading to into inside the show building...

The patent reveals a new way for Disney to include guests in an immersive story taking place on water, without needing to take the traditional boat ride approach.

In the patent, Disney states that water rides are some of the most memorable and beloved attractions in the world.

Disney states that water rides rarely meet the demand for new and surprising ways to entertain because they have remained largely unchanged over the years.

The patent shows a cable system that is tethered to the sides of the boat and works to simulate a more dramatic boat ride experience. By tugging on the boat, the cables could simulate a more intense ride experience than a traditional flume ride ever could.

This new patent shows that a large footprint would not be required for this new ride, as the diagram shows the boat in a small pool of water are surrounded by a projection dome that would fully immerse guests in any environment.

In the patents drawing, a scene from Moana is shown.

Disney say the dome would be immersive with a surround sound audio soundtrack combined with 4D effects including wind, rain or water splashing to fully immerse riders in the experience.

Disney says that a multi-vehicle “fleet” implementation could be possible whereby guests pick a “side” to be on and battle each other in an immersive space.

Sound fun and fingers crossed this ride system and the Moana Land could actually happen!


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