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Central Florida Wakes Up To A Freezing Cold Christmas Eve

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks. Dressed in holiday style. In the air there's a feeling of Christmas.

Central Florida is waking up to a freezing cold Christmas Eve, and it feels like we're in the north, although thankfully we don't have the snow, and the horrendous conditions many parts of the country are experiencing.

But to us Floridians, this is extremely cold conditions, and probably a shock to the many visitors who are visiting for the holidays, hoping to get away from the cold, expecting to be wearing shorts and t-shirts for Christmas!

Frosty Florida

This morning as Central Florida wakes up to a bitterly cold Christmas Eve, temperatures dropped more than 30 degrees in some spots in Central Florida overnight!

This is the first first freezing temperatures we have seen in Florida in almost a decade, and it’s going to feel even colder as wind is adding a cold chill to the air.

Freeze warnings are in place morning,  and we even have a very rare wind chill advisory in place!

If you are heading out this morning you really need to bundle up, wear layers, and don’t forget a hat and gloves, because while it will look like a typical Central Florida day with lots of lovely sunshine, temperatures will struggle to climb out of the 40s.

Plus it will also be breezy throughout the afternoon helping it to feel even colder than it actually is. With the wind factored in, it will fell like the upper 30s and lower 40s.

At least it feels very festive here in Central Florida this Christmas Eve!


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