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Celebrate With Renaissance Theater Company At The Office Holiday Party Musical Extravaganza Show

Get ready to party with the Renaissance Theater Company as they present the fun and original musical The Office Holiday Party Musical Extravaganza Show, a musical spoof of the stereotypical workplace holiday party, and all of the shenanigans those tend to entail, with more than a few nods to the Christmas episodes of sitcom The Office.

With new original songs and a comedic cast of characters pulled straight from your neighboring cubicles, The Office Holiday Party Musical… returns for a second year with drinks, mingling, scripted gift-exchanges, and a little bit of that good ole fashioned holiday spirit.

Celebrate With The Office Holiday Party Musical Extravaganza Show

"It's like The Office meets Parks and Recreation meets an adult theme park show," says Kendall Leamy, one of the show's leading performers. "The audience comes in like they're coming to their own office party. Everyone gets a name tag (with a fake name of course), and then we (the actors) just go crazy - Debra is the bitter loud one who drinks too much, Ted (or is it Ed?) is the old guy who gets bullied, there's the office romance and so many surprises. It's not too interactive, so shy people shouldn't be scared. It's just immersive, like you're watching it all happen around you. It's a really fun and unique experience."

"This show is for adults looking to celebrate the holidays outside of traditional programing, because how many times has everyone seen A Christmas Story and The Nutcracker?" says the Ren Co-Founder and show creator Donald Rupe. "We wanted to create a non-religious holiday tradition with audacious adult humor, over-the-top entertainment and tons of laughs, created in the Ren's own unique style."

Celebrate With The Office Holiday Party Musical Extravaganza Show

Renaissance Theatre Company perform in their own theatre space at 415 E. Princeton Street, Orlando, and are dedicated to bringing original theatre to Orlando.

The Office Party Musical Extravaganza Show runs select nights December 1 through December 23 .

More information and tickets are available on the Renaissance Theater website.

Celebrate With The Office Holiday Party Musical Extravaganza Show


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