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Bucky The Beaver Eyes Up Second Central Florida Buc-ee's Location

Buc-ee's fans rejoice!! Buc-ee's are looking to bring their trademark Beaver Nuggets, and unique travel center experience to Marion County, giving Central Florida it's second Buc-ees location.

Central Florida Buc-ee's

The proposed development, near Interstate 75, north of Ocala, would feature an 80,000-square-foot travel center, and include 120 gas pumps.

Currently, there are two other Buc-ee’s in Florida, one in Daytona Beach and the other in St. Augustine.

The company has filed an application for the new location, with the proposed development plan now going before Marion County commissioners for approval.

Central Florida Buc-ee's

Buc-ee’s has become a favorite stopover with a cult following wherever a new location opens.

Buc-ee’s locations are huge, selling everything from the famous Beaver Nuggets, which is actually caramel popcorn, Texas-style brisket sandwiches, fresh jerky, and more Buc-ee's merchandise than you can image!

Central Florida Buc-ee's

Arch Aplin III opened the first Buc-ee’s in July 1982. The name came from his childhood nicknames, “Beaver” and “Bucky Beaver,” the latter of which was inspired by a cartoon character in toothpaste ads!

The brand has since grown throughout the state before expanding across the South, including ithe two locations currently in Florida.

Central Florida Buc-ee's


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