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Ocala Marion County

Ocala / Marion County


Offering unique experiences in an unforgettable retreat style setting, Ocala/Marion County has the classic Florida charm, natural beauty and one of  a kind attractions to make it an ideal destination.


From nature enthusiasts to thrill seekers and active families, there is something for everyone whether you’re planning a day trip or a weeklong stay.

Discover classic Florida charm on an unforgettable retreat, where you can relax all day or take on a spirited adventure. Catch your first fish or gallop through open fields, search through antique treasures and stroll along storied streets, soar sky high on a zipline, flying up amidst the treetops or float down river in the clear water of our many famous springs. You’ll find everything you’re looking for in Ocala/Marion County.

As the northern most county in Central Florida, Ocala/Marion County is ideally situated less than two hours from Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando.


With a culture that embodies Southern hospitality, your visit is sure to include countless opportunities to explore the local flavor, discover new adventures and relax in Ocala/Marion County.

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