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GGO Emma & Shane

Hi From Emma & Shane​

Hi, we're GGO Emma & Shane, the couple who met on a dating app, and married at a theme park,  we're fun loving, and loving life, living our best lives here in the warm sunshine of Orlando, surrounded by our family, the best rides and the best theme parks in the world. We love Orlando, there's nowhere like it in the world and there's nowhere else we would rather be.

We have it all and then some here in Orlando, starting with year round sunshine, the biggest and best theme parks anywhere in the world, an endless choice of amazing attractions, wild and wet water parks, world class entertainment, designer shopping, delicious food and much more, we love Orlando.

Living in Orlando, sharing our adventures is a dream come true. join us on our roller coaster ride through life, find us in the theme parks most days, creating vlogs for the GGO YouTube channel.

Join our fun filled Orlando adventures and discover all the latest from the theme parks and attractions, plus buckle up, and hold on tight and enjoy our rollercoaster ride through life as we start a family and well, who knows where our adventures will take us, but one thing's for sure, it's sure gonna be a fun filled ride, so buckle up, hold on tight and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times! 

Blue Skies

GGO Emma

Emma grew up in Orlando, having moving with her family to Lake Nona as a child, as you can imagine growing up in Disney World is a dream come true and ensured a lifelong love of all things Disney!


After graduating, Emma embarked on a successful career in event management and marketing, working for major brands as well as creating her own company creating consumer and trade shows. 

Emma is now delighted to be sharing her passion and excitement for Orlando with the world!

Oh and how did Emma meet Shane? 

It was during a spell in the UK working with Merlin Entertainment that Emma first met Shane, and now together, they are living the Florida dream.

Keep up to date with Emma on her own Instagram page, where you can follow her adventures!

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GGO Shane

Shane was born and bred in the traditional seaside resort of Blackpool in the United Kingdom.


For over 20 years, Shane was the creative talent for the leading UK horror attraction, Pasaje Del Terror within England's largest amusement park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

He was also involved in helping Blackpool Pleasure Beach create their very own Halloween event, Journey To Hell, Freak Nights including designing and managing the haunted houses for the event.


Shane is a leading authority on horror attractions and has a love of theme parks and coasters too.


Now living in Orlando, Emma and Shane love sharing their adventures here on Gotta Go Orlando!

Catch up with Shane and his fun adventures throughout Orlando on his own Instagram page.

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