Typhoon Lagoon


Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

1145 Buena Vista Drive

Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

(407) 939-5277

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Tropical Paradise



Surf’s up at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park at Walt Disney World Resort, where legend tells the tale of a whirlwind storm. Hurling surfboards into palm trees, propelling small boats onto rooftops, and impaling a shrimp boat to the top of volcanic Mount Mayday, the tempest finally calmed and left behind a tropical paradise where you'll experience peaceful bliss and pulse-pounding adventure alike!


The action begins with the park’s raft rides, which include solo runs at Keelhaul Falls and the extra-intense Mayday Falls. Or, grab a partner for the two-person Crush ‘n’ Gusher, a 400-foot “water coaster.”


And the whole gang can enjoy a four-person journey on Gang Plank Falls or Miss Adventure Falls, one of the longest rides at any Disney park.


Not that you need a raft to have a fast time here. Storm Slides offer three ways to zip downhill in a hurry, and Humunga Kowabunga will send you flying 214 feet down at a 60-degree angle in the dark!

Kids won’t be left out of the fun, either, thanks to Ketchakiddee Creek, featuring aquatic activities for little ones

and Bay Slides’ pint-sized runs. The latter feeds into a shallow, secluded corner of the water parksf Pool, where parents can enjoy 6-foot swells in the deeper section. And the whole family can take a relaxing journey around the park on the 2,000-foot-long Castaway Creek.

Ready to dive in? See below for more information about Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, one of many unique experiences that can only be discovered here in Orlando!

Attraction & Ride Guide

Whether you crave gale-force action or cool-breeze relaxation, there’s no better place this side of the eye of the storm than Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Bay Slides

It’s the kid-friendly version of the thrill ride, Storm Slides. Gentle curving slopes and a fun, final splash add just the right amount of excitement for toddlers and little kids. It's designed for kids under 5 feet tall, and parents can meet their kids at the shallow end of the surf pool.


Castaway Creek

Find yourself adrift on a scenic lazy river as you ride along on an inner tube. Flow along the 2,000-foot-long journey through cascading waterfalls, cool mists, rope bridges overhead and tropical landscapes. Venturing through the cavern-like tunnel inside of Mount Mayday is a fun plus.


Crush ‘n’ Gusher

Explore an abandoned fruit-processing plant, where fruit was washed before packing it. Select a fruit chute: Pineapple Plunger, Coconut Crusher or Banana Blaster! Dips and powerful jets of water propel you through uphill surges and downhill turns. The best part? A final plunge into Hideaway Bay.


Gangplank Falls

Big kids, teens and adults will swoosh down a mountain, swirl past gushing waterfalls, ride under rustic bridges, and spin from bank to bank in a giant inner tube designed for the ultimate ride down sweeping rapids. Medium intensity fun for the whole family awaits.


Homunga Kowabunga

Catapult through the darkness for a near vertical, 5-story drop! Slides are positioned at a 60-degree angle, creating a fierce thrill ride. Scream “kowabunga” as you drop and splash down 214 feet of pure excitement.


Keelhaul Falls

Take the scenic and thrilling route on Keelhaul Falls, whitewater rapids that roar past waterfalls and caves before dropping you off for a final splash.


Ketchakiddee Creek

Preschoolers and kids under 4 feet tall will love this water playground equipped with pools of shallow water, mini-slides, rapid prides and animal sculptures that squirt water. Best of all, there’s a beach for building sandcastles.


Mayday Falls

Climb Mount Mayday, where Miss Tilly, a shipwrecked shrimp boat, sits at the summit. Hop on a one-person raft for a wild ride down the rapids as you venture through caverns and wild twists and turns. It’s the most intense ride of all three of the raft attractions at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.


Miss Adventure Falls

Captain Mary Oceaneer, whose treasure was lost in the mighty typhoon, runs a whitewater voyage company like no other. An aquatic conveyor belt propels four-person rafts on to a treacherous voyage, where guests will spot artifacts and treasure from around the world. Will all the treasure ever be retrieved?


Storm Slides

Select from a trio of curving, 300-foot winding body slides and propel yourself down three stories of twisting adventure. Ride all three then choose your favorite: Jib Jammer, Rudder Buster and Stern Burner.


Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool

Encounter 6-foot waves that will captivate big kids, tweens, teens and adults. Gentle ripples transform into colossal, surfer-loving waves. A thundery sonic boom promptly alerts swimmers that waves are going from mild to exciting. Hang out in shallow waters, plunge into the deep end, or relax on the sandy-white beaches.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Extra's

For a little extra, you can set your family up in style and comfort. Rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis.


Beachcomber Shacks

Splurge a little and enjoy resort-like amenities while lounging in your own private, shaded space.


Beachcomber Shacks make that happen with cushioned seating, a storage locker, refillable drink mugs and a cooler stocked with ice and bottled water.


Your rental accommodates up to six guests, and an attendant is on hand to take your party’s food orders.